Some Simple Seasonable Treats for kids to make...

If you'd like alittle treat and some fun with the kids here are some Christmas recipes for you to make whether your having friends over or just for a wee treat. Hope some of you try them out. The basic ingredrient is Kellogg's Rice Krispies Breakfast Cereal. You will find the recipes on the Kellogg's Website.

Festive Fruit Wreaths

Happy Snappy Holiday Trees


  1. They look really tasty....have you got any snow yet? xxx

  2. Mhmmm, tasty... my boyfriend John is all about Rice Krispies, he mix them with wheatabix;)

  3. yummyyyyy yummmyyy for christmas tummys!! hehe
    loooooks soooooo delicious!! wish i so could reach in the laptop screen and have a taste hehe ;0)xx

  4. Wow those trees look so festive, i MIGHT JUST HAVE A GO.....

    Sarah x

    Off to put my sequins on and watch the final of you know what!

  5. As a kid I think what my brothers and I enjoyed making most was a BIG mess.

  6. I will have to do these for my grandbabies.
    Thanks for sharing


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