Charity Starts at Home this Christmas!

This Christmas why not support a local charity by buying charity Christmas cards, that way you get something for your money too. Below are only a few examples of Charity Christmas Cards in Ireland, click on each photo for more information, and remember there are lots of other charities which you can support in your area. The ones below are just some examples of what’s on offer.
Irish Charity Cards from Rehab

Irish Heart Foundation


Oxfam Ireland



  1. Hi!
    just wanted to tahnk you for your comments on my blog! i really do appreciate it!
    I like your blog. I love so much nature, the bakcground of the forest!

  2. Hi... popping over to say hello and thanks for your comment! I've enjoyed looking around the Irish countryside here on your blog - I must make an effort to see more of it myself, being in the North

  3. i always buy charity cards, especially the y.m.c.a charity- as they helped me long ago x
    i love your selection x your blog is always a joy to read xx

  4. They are sweet. I bought some for Lottie to write out for her school friends, I make my own to send but like to get them for the kids to write out. xx

  5. Thank you all for visiting my site nad commenting, I love visitors and followers.

    Amy thats what I was proposing to do this year, make my own, I had cut up all my old cards to make some new ones, but alas I have no blank cards and envelopes and havent come across any in the shops, but Ill try and make do with what I have. If you make some, post them on your blog, Id love to see them as Im new to card making

    All things nice...


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