Window shopping today...

Hope everyone is well today. I went to a town nearby today and visited a few shops, I went to Crabtree Cottage which is an enchanting gift shop with every nook and cranny filled with delightful gifts of all sorts, from wonderful christmas decorations, bed linen, cards, furniture, clothing and every pretty thing you can imagine. I also stopped by a Cottage Industries Shop which is a family run business with three Generation's of the family still working there. It had some great crafting supplies as well as unique gift ideas. I popped into some of the charity shops also and saw some lovely christmas cards. However I bought nothing today as I'm trying to save.

I also spotted alot of the Cath Kidston range, I love all the beautiful vintage colours and patterns. I totally admire her as she first opened a tiny shop herself selling her vintage products and is now a huge success in the UK, Ireland and Japan. I even have her shop on my blogroll of my other All things nice Blog. But I almost fainted today when I lifted a oilcloth bag with a pretty pattern and it was over 80 euro, to me it looked a bit plastic looking and I honestly thought it's way overpriced. I have adored her patterns and products for years and a few months back I bought 2 pillowcases as they were reduced to half price to £7.50 each and I thought how lovely. But when I took them home, I can only use them for the top pillows not the ones I sleep on as the material is soo hard and not cosy at all, even after washing them :( Your probably saying there must have been something about them that they were half price but still £7.50 each (over 8 euro) is alot for a pillowcase. So for me, I feel they were totally overpriced even at half price. I was very disappointed with them. Here they are;

Yes I know the pattern is nice but I think they are way overpriced, not soft, cosy and warm just the way you would like your pillows.
Anyways that's my rant for today, let me know what you think?


  1. Oh dear. I wonder why these as not as soft as the other ones. I have quite a few different CK pillow cases and have not experienced that before. How disappointing for you, as you say they are pretty though..
    I haven't started any of my Christmas shopping yet!
    Isabelle x

  2. You rant away girl! It's good to vent! I think all pillowcases are now "dressed" with something which does have the effect of making them feel a bit crunchy! Washing normally does the trick, but usually several washings! I have several Cath Kidston beding sets too, I think it is fairly comparably priced with the market, you know Laura Ashley, Monsoon etc.I just think things I want are always just that little bit too expensive! Which simply makes me want them more! Sad reallY, tee hee,

    Sarah x

  3. Isabelle & Sarah Jane,

    Yes you are both right, I was in one of those moods yesterday you know yourselves so I had a good rant. I still love the pretty vintage patterns though :)

    All things nice...

  4. i have a set of Habitat sheets that are so crunchy they wake us up at night!


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