My weekend

Hello Everyone,

It's Monday again, the time is flying by. Halloween is creeping up on us and then we won't find Christmas time coming around. This year I am defiantly going to do my Christmas shopping earlier.
The weather is very dull here in Ireland, I am finishing off some reports for work today.
My aunt and uncle visited at the weekend and brought some nice flowers and a dish, check it out below. Saturday I was writing reports and doing a bit of cleaning and yesterday I went for a Sunday drive and walk. So this is how I'm feeling at the minute, minus the phones as thankfully no one is ringing me!

Here is the dish my aunt brought as a gift, I love the blue and white colours (I'll put that in my bottom drawer)


  1. That is so beautiful! Lucky you...XXX

  2. What a lovely hand painted design, gorgeous blue too!

    Sarah x

  3. Tracey & Sarah,
    It is nice alright isn't it, I have it in my bedroom on one of my dressers to hold some nice jewellery pieces as my room is blue and white. Thanks for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate your comments

    All things nice....


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