Holidays.... Any Ideas?

Have you your holidays booked for this year yet? I really need a break and some sunshine and heat. But where to go? That is the question... Any suggestions are welcomed. I have taken a cruise the past two years and am a bit spoiled as a result. We can only go for 7-9 days probably in August or September... The joys of farming life... Cruises suit us as we can see a few countries in a very short space of time and have less hassle with airports and transport  I was thinking of another Eastern Mediterranean Cruise...

Some Memories from Mallorca...


  1. Oh I suggest going here in Philippines :) Not being bias, but the sunshine and heat in Philippines nowadays are summer-ish. They're a lot of amazing and relaxing places here that you can visit for a holiday. I've written a post in my blog few of the places we went for a class field trip. I'll leave the link below and I hope you'll enjoy the post :) Have a nice day!

  2. Ah I've got fond memories of Mallorca but it's been a long time I last went. I was about 14 when we visited, ad I'm 25 now so I'm sure it's changed! Some very pretty beaches though there and lots of interesting architecture and history too. Definitely gives the Caveus del Drach a visit as well if you haven't alreayd been before. Otherwise I love Fiona's suggestion above, Phillipins is on my travel list too! - Tasha


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