Cute Cats...

How cute are these cats & kittens :) They brightened up my day... How adorable! Do you have pets, if so why not take some photos and post them so we can all take a look. I don't have any pets here at our house, but we have several cats on the farm. I have a photo of Tommy below in the long grass.

kitten 1 via yesterdayiwillremember, cat with teddy via photogenicfelines, blue eyed cat via Blue Daze by Douzy


  1. What cute photos! :-)
    We don't have any pets. But I love looking at photos of other people's!

  2. So cute! I'm a crazy cat woman, eheh…:)
    I happened to come to your blog by chance, and I find it very nice: what a beautiful layout! I love the "wallpaper" on the sides!
    Have a nice day,
    Mimi (from Switzerland)

  3. Great photo of your Tommy :-) And I loved all the other photos too - I always have time to look at adorable cat photos!


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