Outside the House...

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately, it appears that there has been somewhat of a lack of blogging taking place in August. I have been busy with outdoor work around the house- mainly painting. The photographs below are not very good but I just took them to show you the colours we have chosen. Do you like them? I thought that the Connecticut Blue looks good with the main colour and our stone. Our stone piers are also complete at the entrance. Now once the painting is finished we have the driveway and fence along the side to finish.
Have you been busy in August? What have you got up to?


  1. I like it! It looks lovely and fresh and goes really well. I have spent most of August gardening and sewing and sadly have had to start on Christmas orders! I know, it's ridiculous! Julie x

  2. You chose well with the colours! Looks lovely!


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