Catch up & Honeymoon Photos

Sorry for the lack of blog posting lately but last Saturday the 2nd September, we went on our honeymoon. We just got back today. As some of you may know, we got married in February but waited to go on our honeymoon until this month. I will post some photographs of our trip for you. We went to Madeira and stayed in the Cliff Bay Hotel which is part of the Porto Bay Hotels and Resorts. The flight took just over 3 hours and for those of you who may not know, Madeira is a Portuguese archipelago located some 1,000km from Portugal and 600km from Africa. It is an oceanic volcanic island. Today I will show you some photographs of the Cliff Bay Hotel where we stayed, it is a wonderful hotel and I would highly recommend it.

Entrance Garden

Main Entrance


Hotel on cliff

Rose Garden
Lower sea level swimming pools

Lagoon Bar and swimming pool

View of Funchal Marina from fourth floor balcony
Side view from balcony
View of boats sailing by from bedroom balcony on fourth floor.
Next post will include more photographs of Funchal the capital city of Madeira.


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