Kitchen decisions...

I have a plan got for my kitchen and having googled images on the internet I came across these images below from Woodale Designs that are very like my proposed kitchen. The cooker hood will be almost the same except I will have an oven underneath and spice drawers at the side of it. My island will be straight not curved as my budget won't stretch that far. I will also have a built in fridge and some presses at the end wall rather than the full presses here.
The plasterers are finishing off inside the house these days, we put an undercoat of PVA sealer on the walls, so it's time for painting at the weekend :) Yes, progress at last....
All images via Woodale Designs


  1. Wow - that's beautiful. It's very white though. Will you have white flooirng as well as white cabinets? It might look nice with a nice hardwood laminate. That seems to be a trend these days. Of course, then I guess you would want a white island too - maybe something like this:

    I just did my kitchen so I understand how tough it can be to choose all the elements so they're just right. Congratulations on getting started. Can't wait to see the final outcome.

  2. Beautiful beautiful......can't wait to see it all!

  3. WOW! That is one dream kitchen you're going to have there! Fantastic! :0)

  4. Colleen,

    My cabinets will be cream, my actual kitchen will not be the exact same as this one, but something similiar. Will probably go for a tile floor in the kitchen area and wooden in the other half with the kitchen table

    All things nice...

    All things nice

  5. That is one of my kitchens:) It is painted in Farrow and Ball "Stoney Ground" and the island is solid walnut. I used Silestone's Blanco Capri for the counter tops.

    1. Keith,

      My sincere apologies for not linking back to your website when I posted your kitchens. Your work is fabulous, I have added a link back to your site and your photos. Your work is fabulous! Only I live up the other end of the country I would have been in touch with you. I have a few photos on my blog here of my finished kitchen- it isn't as high end as the one above as my budget wouldn't have stretched to the solid walnut & counters. I love the Farrow and Ball colour too, there paint is great. Good work

      All things nice...

    2. Hi,

      Thanks for the lovely reply. We put a lot of effort into our work so any feedback is welcome! I just thought I would say hello when I saw the images. That particular kitchen was installed in Naas a couple of years ago and is still a firm favourite with everyone. Marion, the owner of the kitchen is selling her house at the moment and we are working on designs for her new house. We are also installing a kitchen for her sister next Monday which will probably be the biggest kitchen we have ever made. It will be hand painted in Helen Turkington colours.
      Your kitchen look s great. It must have been a busy time between organising a wedding and building a house!

      Thanks for the mention on our images I really appreciate it.


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