New Farm Kitten...

Hope you had a lovely weekend. It's a long weekend here and the weather is lovely and mild so it makes it even better. Last weekend I found a little kitten abandoned at the entrance to the farm. While there are several farm cats, they are all wild and the kittens can never be caught as they are so wild but this wee kitten was a little pet. Only that it was crying loudly I wouldn't have seen it. I don't know how anyone can be so cruel as to dump a wee kitten out at the side of the road. It appeared to have some blood around its mouth. Anyways, the story is pretty obvious- I took the kitten up to the farm as I couldn't leave it. I didn't think my husband would want another kitten but he didn't want to get her a new home yet as she is probably too young. I have named the kitten Millie- if it's a girl short for Mildred and if it is a boy short for Milford....
Welcome to the Farm Millie


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