Flower Arranging

Every Spring I like to try something new. This year I have decided to try flower arranging. Below are the results of my first session. I have enrolled in a course in a local community centre for four nights. I am really interested in flowers and am looking forward to preparing a few more arrangements of my own. Next week we are trying a basket flower arrangment. Have you ever tried flower arranging?


  1. I have not but would love to! They are really pretty X

  2. This looks beautiful! I have some daffs and tulips in a vase in the kitchen at the moment, but I'm more of the "bung them in and hope for the best" than actual arranging. It does mean I don't buy flowers all that much anymore, because they don't reach their full potential, if that makes any sense?


  3. Looks really good. That's a nice course to do, nice to learn something new.


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