A Home of Two Halves- Contemporary with a Retro Twist & Country Shabby Chic

This time last year my home was featured in IKEA Live online Magazine- hope you all liked it! Things are still progressing with the house and there is only one room left to decorate. I promise to post more photographs when the sun begins to shine again. Today we had no rain so perhaps Spring is finally here. Here is a link to my home from IKEA Live last year.

Since last year, IKEA have featured a number of Irish homes including the home of Amy from Dublinia Blog which I follow. Her home is a home of two halves- downstairs it is contemporary with a retro twist and upstairs it is more like my home with a country, shabby chic feel. Visit IKEA Live to see more of Amy's home. 
All images via Dublinia


  1. Oh my gosh!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! I love seeing this post and seeing my house on someone else's blog You are too too kind. Have a great Sunday!

  2. :-D


  3. Love it! And I'm glad to find your blog! It's so interesting to exchange ideas and thoughts...
    Happy new week!

  4. I love adding little bits of retro accessories as a twist. Because I live in a new build all the walls are very plain and cream (I can't paint them for a yea either!) so I really have to focus on my accessories for colour pops and character.

    Laura @ Zurleys Retro Furniture


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