Spring time...

Don't you just love Spring time with the evenings getting longer and the weather getting milder, time to go for long walks in the countryside and spring clean the home, pick flowers and brighten up the home with bunting and pastel colours :)
I picked these daffodils from the back of the hill and put them along with some flowers that were left over from a wedding floral arrangement I got from my old work colleagues :) Little did I know that daffodils don't last very well in oasis and withered within a few days. Next time I'll keep them in a vase. I may buy some carnations at the weekend to put in this pot.
The week is flying by and it is a long weekend here in Ireland so that is always a bonus. Hope you all have nice plans for your weekend!


  1. Enjoy your long weekend! Those daffodils look like a breath of fresh air!

  2. Pretty arrangement. Pop the daffodils in a group together next time in a jar and make a hole in the oasis with the jar. Enjoy the long weekend .Sinead

  3. I LOVE spring time!!! Here in Duesseldorf, it was 10 degrees on Wednesday. But 21 today!!! So, I hope that spring's here to stay!
    Love the daffodils!
    Make the most of your long weekend.....

  4. Hi there, thanks for you lovely comment on my blog - hope you have a great weekend,

    Beautiful site by the way!
    Claire x

  5. Many congrats again on your wedding and looking forward to seeing the photos. Hope you enjoy ST Patrick's day and the bank holiday x


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