Question- problem with blog?

My blog doesn't seem to be working right, does anyone know how I can get my gadgets on the right hand side of the page to work? Does anyone know if I change to one of the new layouts will I loose my existing layout information i.e. my border, header, etc..


  1. I have had 4 days without graphics and pages due to the upgraded blogger. Luckily the lady who built the blog mended everything. I did not lose anything, it must all be stored somewhere. It is a pain when it goes wrong especially for a techno phobe like me. Good luck xx

  2. I wish I could help you but I'm hopeless at these things.I've stuck with the old style layouts to be on the safe side. Good luck! :0)

  3. I had some problems with my background - it was showing up as gray! But now it is resolved. I hope your problems get resolved as well!


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