Here is the transformation photographs of the old chair I found in the garage, what do you think? It's my first furniture make over and I love it! It took two undercoats and one gloss. I think it turned out well and my dad just told me there are another 3 in the garage attic. This one is going in my spare bedroom. Have you any furniture transformations to share with me. I want to put a nice baby blue or pink cushion on it. I have a cushion which would be nice but it is slightly too big, see below


  1. You've made it gorgeous, you clever girl! Love it! Have you tried Annie Sloan's paint yet? I love it cos you don't have to do any prep. xxxx

  2. I love your chairs. The cushion looks good. I want it!
    Thanks for your comment. I do find big tvs ugly. What on earth can you do with them? x

  3. So beautiful...lot's of talent young lady. Thank's for sharing.

  4. Great makeover - it should look great! - could you try sewing the cushion smaller?

  5. Thanks, I could sew it smaller but I have two of them so I think I will use them elsewhere.

    All things nice...


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