First Sunday of Summer :o)

Hope you all had a nice weekend, it's a bank holiday weekend here in Ireland so I get an extra day off work :o) This weekend was the first weekend of May and Summer too. The weather isn't very warm though, although Sunday was sunny at times we had lots of small showers. I didn't go anywhere very far, there was a honda 50 run on but we didn't make it in time, so instead we headed into one of the local towns and took a look around the DIY store. On the way back home just up the road from us I took a few photographs of the local area. I hope you like them, they will give you an idea of how rural the area is and the type of landscape all around me...

A forgotten ruin which was once a family home...

Another forgotten ruin, now a home to a range of wildlife

A view of the forest in the background

Another ruin, with a lovely brick arch, so well built and lasting the test of time

A lone horse making the ruins home.

So peaceful and relaxing..

The sunlight reflecting of one of the lakes

So tranquil and serene

A few trees on the lakeshore

Can you spot the bird in the sky??

These are all photographs of my local area, it is dotted with drumlins and lake systems, forests and forts, farm animals and foliage. The familiarity of these elements of the landscape and the connection with the land creates a very strong sense of place for me, I have great pride and joy in spending time taking in the wonders all around me. To ramble by the shore and take a look around, the beauty there beyond compares is nowhere to be found!


  1. Stunning photos you live in such a beautiful place, it looks so peaceful, thanks for sharing these photos,
    have a nice day

  2. Now that looks like my idea of tranquillity, From where I am at the moment all I can hear is loud music from a live outdoor gig across the road at the university. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

  3. Such beauty! When I first saw the title I was confused. Then I remembered you are not in the US. Thanks for sharing your beautiful countryside with us. :)

  4. The colours are great - that green is just so lush!

  5. That has to be one the best places on earth. I would love to do up one of the 'ruins'. xxx

  6. The pictures are gorgeous! I have always wanted to visit Ireland. Thanks for letting me see a little piece of it!


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